AS9100D Certified!

GLE Precision is excited to have recently received our AS9100D certification to accompany our ongoing ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.  After having successfully completed the transition and audits in 2018,  we have now officially received our AS9100D Aerospace Quality certification. Our register Perry Johnson carried out the multi-stage certification process throughout the second half of 2018. Upon completion, the auditors had confirmed no findings and a recommendation for certification and upgrade to the new standard was given.

We are extremely proud of our team for their achievement which provides further evidence of our commitment to ensuring quality and providing the best products and services to our existing customers and those future customers requiring an Aerospace Quality Certificate. We are dedicated to maintaining an AS9100D accreditation and continually improving our processes and procedures as well as on-going investment in new equipment and technology.


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InCal Technologies: Customer Testimonial

InCal Technologies is an A2LA-Accredited Third-Party Inspection Laboratory, that offers a wide range of inspection services.  Some of these services include First Article Inspections, Optical Inspections and Reverse Engineering.

InCal Technologies has been a loyal customer to GLE-Precision.  Please click below to view a testimonial video from Dennis Lugg.

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New Equipment Update: Citizen A320-Type VII

We are excited to share our latest update with you!

Today, we are introducing you to the Citizen A320-Type VII, GLE’s newest piece of production machinery. This Swiss lathe features a 5th-axis for applications under 20mm (.787 inches). A main advantage to this machine is the different configurations in which it can run: guide bushing, and non-guide bushing mode. A non-guide bushing machine setup works best with small OD and small length parts. The main spindle operates up to 10,000 rpm for optimized machining operations on smaller diameter material. A machining length up to 8 inches per chucking reduces cycle times on long work pieces.

With the addition of this Swiss lathe, GLE is able to maximize the highest precision for a lower cost. GLE has expanded upon decades of proven success to ensure that your parts are produced effectively and accurately. The utilization of the Citizen A320-Type VII will give GLE the ability to create most metal components under 20mm.

If you have questions or want to request a quote, please call us at 989-652-6136!

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Shaffer Joins GLE Precision as Board Advisor

GLE Precision, headquartered in Bridgeport, Mich., has recruited a proven industrial executive to advise and guide the company through its next growth phase. Alan Shaffer will serve as an advisor to the board of directors.  He brings 30 years of operating experience in 13 domestic and international industrial markets while at four publicly traded companies and two private equity portfolio companies.

“Alan is a terrific find for GLE Precision,” Jason Duzan, chairman of GLE, said. “He has decades of experience in leading businesses similar to GLE Precision, including precision manufacturing and sales initiatives. He has terrific chemistry with management, his guidance and experience will be invaluable during the upcoming growth expansion that GLE Precision is driving toward.”

Looking for the Right Advisor

GLE Precision has exceeded its growth objective since Colfax Creek acquired the company in 2015 and has developed new precision manufacturing capabilities to become a leader in the medical device, fiber optic, and computer chip markets. With more growth on the horizon, GLE Precision’s leadership decided to add a new board advisor who will advise on our sales and marketing initiatives.

“The GLE leadership team was looking for an individual that has a deep and broad exposure to business, one who truly enjoys the challenges of business today, including technical sales and manufacturing,” said Clint Bucholz, president of GLE Precision. “A person that is an individual that has a “been there and done that” portfolio of work experiences.  Alan is that guy.  It should be a fun journey together.”

An Engineer & a Proven Executive

An engineer by training, Shaffer has used his technical expertise and leadership experience in a variety of domestic and international industrial markets, including cutting tools, metalworking chemicals, bonded abrasives, carbide wear parts/powered metals, mining and road construction tools, industrial magnets, printed circuit board laminates, metrology and industrial lasers, coordinate measuring machines, machine tools and flexible manufacturing systems, precision press die tooling and plastic mold tooling.

In addition to 30 years of P&L experience, Shaffer has also led the acquisition, restructuring, integration, and operation of 15 companies and the divestiture of seven businesses in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia that totaled $1 billion in revenue. Most of the acquired companies were losing money. Shaffer led the work to turn these companies into profitable businesses.

Shaffer also has experience in private equity, serving on a board of directors and as a business owner. For seven years, he was one of five owners of Starchem Inc., a developer and manufacturer of metalworking chemicals with sales in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and

Shaffer held several executive level positions with different companies, including Federal Signal Corporation [NYSE: FSS],  American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. [NYSE: AXL] (Blackstone Group portfolio company), and Cincinnati Milacron, Inc. [NYSE: MZ], before retiring in early 2015 as president of Dayton Lamina Corporation, a $220 million subsidiary of Misumi Group Inc. of Japan with 14 plants and 1,500 employees.

Guiding GLE Precision

The business has been going through a rapid period of growth.  This has led to many positive changes but highlighted our need for improvement, which has encouraged us to look for another key member of the team.  As an advisor to the board of directors, Shaffer will share his considerable experience with GLE Precision’s leadership to help move the company into the next phase and expand its market reach.

“GLE Precision has a tremendous opportunity because of its unique skill set of working with extremely small parts that require a high finish,” Shaffer said. “I am excited to be a part of the growth potential of the business and leverage my experience in sales and operations with similar sized and larger industrial businesses.”



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GLE-Precision Purchases Haas VF-2SS (Super-Speed)

GLE-Precision would like to introduce you to one of our newest pieces of equipment, the Haas VF-2SS (Super-Speed). This Super-Speed CNC vertical mill has a 30” x 16” x 20” travel and comes standard with a 12,000 RPM spindle. We have taken this spindle to the next level with the through-spindle coolant feature allowing this state-of-the-art machine to reach speeds up to 40,000 RPM. Fortunately for you, this machine works up to 20% faster than the standard unit and holds a .0002” tolerance.

We are always working on the next cutting-edge technology to provide you with the highest precision at the lowest cost. Recently, GLE has expanded our experience with precision medical component manufacturing by producing a specialized cutter and clamp combination component that will avoid the danger of cracking ribs during open heart surgery. This precision component utilizes micro end mills that are as small as .020”. With the utilization of GLE’s new VF-2SS machine, GLE can create just about any precision steel part that your company needs.

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Meet Machinist Dave Ecker

Dave Ecker is the type of guy who has gumption to spare. As a gage maker with GLE Precision in Michigan, he’s the guy who makes the impossible possible — and even the competition knows it. On a weekly basis, a job will come in on a recommendation from a competitor. The customer wants this but it’s not something we can do, can you do it?

“Dave is that individual who can do it. He takes the science of gage making into an art on a daily basis,” general manager Clint Bucholz says. “He is able to take products that other people or companies don’t want to mess with and whether it be a flat or round surface, he laps those shapes by hand. … There’s no challenge too big. He will sit there and painstakingly work through creating whatever the product is.”

Dave works in miniscule scales, smaller than the width of a human hair, into the millionth marks, using the pressure of his fingers to remove material and shape the gage. A company called once from Norway. They had looked all over the world and no one could produce the gage they needed because of a design flaw. Dave’s skills were critical in producing those gages that measured into the 20 millionth mark.

“The thickness of a hair is huge compared to the tolerances that we hold in the gage room,” Dave says.

And he’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s fun, laidback, easy going, a hard worker, according to coworker Brian Taylor in quality coordination. He doesn’t get down when Brian brings him a return from a customer. He carefully assesses the problem and turns the gage around quickly, sometimes the same day.

“Others in the plant can’t even come close to touching that level of work,” Brian says. “He has a very high attention to detail. He’s a great help on everything.”

The Man Behind the Gages

Dave has been a fixture in the GLE shop for 30 years and a gage maker for about 25 years. Learning the art of gage making takes time and experience. There isn’t a machine that you drop parts into and the machine sizes them. Gage makers do utilize some machines but much of their meticulous work is done by hand.

“It’s all about applying pressure by hand and just the feel of the part and how much pressure you’re applying. There’s nothing that’s just push a button and go. It’s all hands-on,” Dave says. “Either it’s in you or it’s not.”

There’s a constant creativity and ingenuity too, adapting those years of experience and technique to meet the next challenge.

“It’s really tight tolerances,” Dave says. “You can do the same job twice in a row and it’ll never work out the same. It’s just different variables, different challenges, you gotta stay focused.”

As for the gumption, the willingness to troubleshoot jobs that other companies won’t even attempt, well, you don’t know until you try. It’s that simple to Dave. In more than two decades, he can recall one part that he held the specified size but the gage didn’t work because of an engineering flaw.

“I can’t think of anything so far that we’ve had to throw the towel in on,” Dave says. “We have a pretty good record of figuring things out.”

Dave takes pride in those challenges. It’s one of the things he loves about his craft. There’s a satisfaction that comes with tackling something that he hasn’t tried making before, finding a way to lap that dimension in that size and how to check it.

“Being able to figure it out and create a good part out of it, knowing that there aren’t too many people or shops out there that can actually do, that’s kind of satisfying. That your part of a select few,” Dave says. “… They’ll give us a dimension that they want held at a certain length and we’ll hold it within millionths for whatever classification of tolerance they would like.”

Outside of the shop, Dave likes hunting, fishing, looking for mushrooms and walking through the woods when he has the time. He lives in the Bridgeport area with his wife, son, two stepsons, four Maltese dogs and one big black Lab who lets the Maltese contingent boss him around. (He’s a good boy who has figured out the challenge of keeping the canine peace.)


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GLE-Precision obtains new ISO certification

We are excited to have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification after successfully completing the transition audit from ISO 9001:2008 early this year. As part of the transition to ISO 9001:2015, SAI Global carried out three days of auditing of GLE’s Quality Management System, internal processes and documentation. Upon completion, the Auditor had confirmed no findings and a recommendation to maintain certification and upgrade to the new standard was given.

GLE Precision is extremely proud of our team for their achievement which provides further evidence of our commitment to ensuring quality and providing the best products and services to our customers. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the most recent ISO 9001 accreditation and continually improving our processes and procedures as well as on-going investment in new machines and technology. As part of continually improving our QMS, GLE is currently working toward achieving AS9100 Accreditation near the end of 2018.


Image Credit: ISO 9000 Store

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January 2018 Record Registrations!

GLE Reaches New Heights in Registrations

In early 2017 GLE’s sales team started working with a new customer in the Aerospace industry helping them solve a problem with a product that had extreme precision and finish requirements on all dimensions (.000006” and 1 RA).  The customer sent GLE a print showing basic tolerancing for the component.  The sales team reviewed the product and confirmed that we could produce it.  The customer said “great”, but as they did not have a relationship with GLE they were hesitant to issue a PO for the material.  Regardless, GLE produced a sample and sent it to them.

About 60 days after sending the sample item, our sales team received a call requesting a conference call with the customer’s team.  The conference call was one of those that you wished you had a tape recorder for.  The customer had about six individuals on the call from Engineering, Quality and Purchasing.  The customer could not believe what they were seeing!  They explained to us that they had never seen any vendor produce this part to the exacting specification without first having a setup standard.  We explained to the them that our processes and skills in Gage making and finishing require us to perform this type of work on a daily basis.

In January of 2018 we received registrations from this customer on three different products that the team at GLE had been able to help them with.  This new aerospace customer, accompanied with record registrations from our Waterjet customers, has led to a 1.6M month for GLE and a Great start to the new year.  We are looking forward to working with all of our customers in 2018 to help them solve problems and deliver products to their exacting standards.

If you are a creative industry leader and have a vision for your product and technology, please reach out to GLE Precision.  Our Sales Engineers will be excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your team on projects that matter to you.  GLE is a critical tooling partner that helps with components that require high finishes or tight exacting tolerances across industries such as Fiberoptic, Computer Technology, Medical, and Aerospace.

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Employee Spotlight: Ashley Smith


When you call GLE Precision in Bridgeport, Mich., you don’t get a robot voice or an endless automated phone system that never quite offers the right option. You get Ashley Smith, a sales engineer with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business. Customers reach out on a regular basis and say, “She’s the best.” She’s the calm, cool voice that listens intently to your problem as if it were the only one on her desk and helps find a solution.

“We try to have a live voice to take care of you,” general manager Clint Bucholz says. “She’s that point of contact. What Ashley’s very good at is adapting to different customer specific needs and making them feel important. Everything has to be timely and she does an excellent job of balancing the many customers that she deals with. There’s a production schedule and things that go right and things that go wrong, she is good at explain this to customers and then working with the manufacturing team to deliver what is needed to the customer. Just like adding frosting on a cake, to smooth things over.”

Ashley’s knack for building rapport with clients and the GLE production team helps GLE maintain its standard of providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.

“She’s highly skilled as far as engineering skills as well,” Clint says.

The Customer’s Advocate

Even as a kid, Ashley knew that she would grow up to be an engineer. She liked drawing cars and houses, so it was either engineering or architecture. She picked engineering and worked in the automotive industry before coming to GLE in 2011 where she’s the liaison between the customer and the shop. She works with clients from the first contact, communicating by phone, email and face-to-face about how GLE can solve their problem, seeing the product move from paper to a final part that meets the client’s specifications and needs.

“I like a good challenge, so when the phone rings or I get an email that someone has a problem, that opens up a whole new project and I like that part of the job,” Ashley says. “We get to fix a problem and bring on a new client.”

Every day, it’s something different, each part a small piece of helping another customer achieve their vision. An aerospace company came to GLE recently looking for a very tiny carbide pin with a high finish. Ashley and the GLE team have worked on the pin for several months, sending samples and getting feedback that the pins aren’t quite up to specs yet. The company sent the prints and GLE took the initiative to create another sample, going that extra mile to be a partner in their customer’s success, not just a vendor.

“A lot of the products we work with are super tiny, almost microscopic,” Ashley says. “We don’t often see the larger application of what that part does. It would be really neat to see our product in the real world and how it fits in.”

Just knowing the part worked perfectly for the client is enough though.

“It’s rewarding when that customer calls about the finished product and they have nothing but positive things to say. They ran our part through testing and the results came back fantastic,” Ashley says.

“Or somebody calls and says they need a part shipped as soon as possible, we have to work with manufacturing to figure out how we’re going to get that part out to them because you don’t want to say no. When you actually do get it out the door and you can call the customer and say, ‘We changed some scheduling around and we were able to get your part out’ that makes their day go a lot easier and it makes you feel good that you were able to help them out.”

Ashley balances those we-need-it-now calls and ongoing projects like the pro that she is. She’ll take those 20 different things that are thrown at her, prioritize the work, make a list, get organized and get moving.

“I just enjoy working here and enjoy the opportunities that I’ve had working for GLE,” Ashley says.

Ashley and her husband love spending time with their young daughter, taking their boat out, fishing and running 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons.

“I like to run before work, after work. It’s just a release. When it’s warmer, I like to take my daughter in the stroller,” Ashley says.  Soon Ashley will have to buy a bigger stroller, as their second child is expected to make an arrival in early April 2018.

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Materials We Work With: Ceramic

GLE-Precision is a global leader in tungsten carbide machining, ceramic machining and other hard exotic materials machined to customer specifications. We produce standard carbide gages/gauges, tungsten carbide tooling, ceramic tooling products and a combination of carbide and ceramic along with other hard materials. The products are used in a broad range of applications.

Please click the link below to read the technical document on the ceramic we commonly work with.


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Employee Spotlight: Steve Tagget


Meet Steve Tagget

Steve Tagget has a pretty good idea about what he’s known for in the GLE Precision shop, he says quickly. As a production supervisor, he has to be very versed on the shop processes and capabilities.  He is a primary resource for the engineering group when questions come up about processing or capabilities.  He has been a supervisor for 17yrs and has learned to manage the many personalities that are in the shop.   He doesn’t have time for the occasional employee who pushes the limits and doesn’t want to follow rules.

“The other guys love me for not letting them get away with so much,” Steve says. “Sometimes you have to be tough. It’s the only thing that works.”  Steve’s only a tough guy when he has to be. He makes work fun but there’s a serious side to him, sales engineer Ashley Smith says.  “He knows when it’s appropriate to have fun and when to turn it off and get down to business,” Ashley says.

A We-Can-Get-it-Done Guy

Steve started working at GLE in 1979, right out of high school where he had taken trade classes to be a machinist. (“They built the building around me,” he jokes.) Steve quit grinding — he misses spending his days in the machine shop — in 2000 to become a production supervisor.  “Every day’s a new challenge. I don’t ever have a day that’s the same,” Steve says. “I supervise people, hand out jobs, schedule the workflow, make a shipping list in the morning and follow that throughout the day.

He’s now the most senior production supervisor and the go-to guy in the shop for any questions Ashley has when she brings in a new product or client. Steve works closely with the sales team, using his knowledge and decades of experience to develop the correct manufacturing process.  “You can’t be an expert on everything we do but Steve’s that generalist in everything that we do and he’s able to collaborate very closely with his team who are the experts,” general manager Clint Bucholz says. “That collaboration makes your creative vision possible.”

Steve and the GLE team have worked with NASA, a supplier who will handle much of the 5G cable that will replace 4G and the military on bore gaging for a new Army sniper rifle.  “Our capabilities in the area of precision, small holes, and surface finishes are as good as anybody they work with in the world,” Clint says. “We bring the ability to produce the tools that will make that science possible. We have products that have been on three or four space shuttle trips to outer space.”   There have only been two products the GLE team couldn’t produce in the last eight years — partly because of Steve’s positive attitude. Steve sums it up in six words: “We just don’t like to fail.”  “There’s not a we-can’t-do attitude,” Clint says. “Steve brings that we-can-get-it-done attitude.”

He leads the team in stepping back, thinking through the challenge again and trying it again in a different way. He encourages his guys to be receptive, saying, “I know that sounds crazy, but let’s try.”  That mindset has helped Steve tackle nearly 10,000 work days and enjoy the satisfaction of sending a customer away happy with a custom part.  Clint says. “We’re working with cutting-edge individuals and helping to bring their vision to reality. They can see it but they need help and collaboration in bringing their vision into reality.”

Steve’s that guy — and sometimes he takes a break from being a tough guy to travel around fishing and hunting white-tailed deer.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

We would like to send a thank you to all the respondents of the GLE-Precision Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The survey was live from the end of July through early August.  Respondents of the survey were rewarded with a Yeti tumbler engraved with their name.  The biennial survey allows us to hear our customers voices in areas of concern and admiration.

Over the years with the survey results and customer suggestions, GLE has implemented open order reports along with executing an email tracking system for shipped orders.  The 2017 survey feedback included customers being satisfied with our response to inquiry time, exceeding expectations for quality and praise for our abilities in precision grinding and lapping.

Thanks again to all who participated.

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A Closer Look into Fiber Optics


Sometimes creative ideas and solutions take time.  In the summer of 2010, GLE Precision had a series of meetings with a customer’s key development Engineers working on technology that would be cutting edge for their industry and help drive their business into the future.  For this customer, there was a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity about the products that they were working on developing.  They were pushing the science behind the technology.

For GLE this is common to have the opportunity to work with Creative Leaders that drive their industry.  In this case the development went on for the next six years with GLE working closely with multiple individuals and team members on many R&D projects, rapidly pushing through 1 to 6 piece orders to the customer for review and evaluation.  As with any relationship it takes time but there becomes a trust in the quality of product that GLE Precision would deliver.  Then in early 2017 we learned that at least some of the products that we had worked with this customer to develop would be key for them and the future rollout of the 5G networks and technology.   This was once again an example where GLE has been on the cutting edge of critical developments and tools in industries and products across the Globe.

If you are a creative industry leader and have a vision as to where your product and technology can go and need help with components that require high finishes or tight exact tolerances, please reach out to GLE Precision and one of your Sales Engineers will be glad and excited to have the opportunity to work with you on your project.

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The GLE Team Celebrates successfully eclipsing a 1M month


On July 15th about 110 GLE employees and guests took in a Tigers game at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit. The Tigers downed the Blue Jays in a convincing fashion. This event was in celebration and recognition of the GLE team and their efforts in eclipsing 1M in sales for the first time in a given month.  It is always fun to break records and do new things! For some members of the GLE team, this was the first Tigers game they had ever attended. It was very exciting and a great way to spend a Saturday.  Congratulations to all on this accomplishment!

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Meet Machinist Jerry Wellman

Ask GLE Precision coworkers to describe precision machinist Jerry Wellman and they might as well be reading from a thesaurus. He’s a hard worker. He’s a dedicated individual. A company guy who’s really into his work. He’ll lose sleep thinking through a new conundrum. He just kicks out work.

“I have a lot of respect for him,” fellow shop leader Ed Gerow says. “I’d like to have a shop full of him. He’s a quality guy. Anything we do that needs tight limits, we go to him.”

Jerry comes up with different ways to finish a product, works with extreme tolerances and high finishes and contributes his expertise to developing the prototypes that GLE handles.

“We are well-known in the industry for lapping and high tolerances,” general manager Clint Bucholz says. “It’s not uncommon for our competitors to refer us. That’s because of the skills Jerry has. He makes it so easy for us to sell that product.

“Jerry works hard every day. He’s going to be the dirtiest guy leaving the building. He doesn’t irritate anyone. People work at a higher level when they move into his area, both in quality and output. He doesn’t push it. He inspires it.”

A Machinist for Every Challenge

  • More than 37 years ago, Jerry didn’t know that he wanted to be a machinist. “I just wanted a good job and I was willing to try anything. I had no idea I was going to get into machining,” he says. (A job with good benefits and air conditioning was a nice bonus.)
  • Jerry had graduated high school and started building houses with his uncle when the opportunity came along to become a machinist at GLE. He learned — and still learns — everything in the shop. He applied a few times for jobs with other companies but that was 30 years ago and the projects that land on his workbench keep testing his skills, talent and resourcefulness.

“Almost every job is a challenge. Sometimes it can be overwhelming,” Jerry says. “I’m never doing the same thing all the time. I’ll do two or three different jobs in a day, so it stops me from being bored.”

Sometimes Jerry doesn’t know why the customer needs such a high finish and what the part will be used for but “we probably give them better finishes than they ask for,” he says.

“We get to work every day with individuals who are the top in their field — fiber optics, medical, tech — and a lot of that has to do with the finishes and tolerances that we provide,” Clint says. “Being in finishes, Jerry allows us to do what the other guys aren’t able to figure out.”

Sometimes Jerry does know what the part will do when he sends it out into the world. Lately, he’s been working on a prototype of a tool for a medical company that is seeking FDA approval for its invention. The tool would allow surgeons to clamp arteries through the ribs and perform heart surgery without cracking the chest open.

“Jerry has been right there, saying, ‘No, let’s try this other thing,’” Clint says. “He’s creative in trying different things. He’s essential to developing prototypes.”

“We haven’t quite figured it out yet but we’re trying,” Jerry says of the tool. “This is going to be one that if I can figure out, yeah, that’ll be very rewarding.”

Innovation Isn’t the Hard Part

Doing something another precision machinist can’t do isn’t the hardest part of the job for Jerry. It’s trying to stay clean to keep the different grades of diamonds from mixing. Working with oil and diamond, the new guys end up coated at first. There’s sludge in the machines and in the parts and you can’t wear gloves when handling a product with close limits.

“I don’t get people lined up trying to get my job,” Jerry says. “You have no choice but to get your hands dirty. I’m at the sink five times an hour.”

The best part, though, is meeting or beating the quota for the day and finally cracking a puzzle for a customer.

“You know when you get a really tough job, you’re not really happy but if you figure it out and you get it done right, that’s rewarding,” Jerry says. “We’ve had jobs that when we first started, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to do them. Eventually we do by adding different operations and doing this and that, now we get them all the time and they’re easy.”

For all his success, Jerry maintains a humble assessment of himself.

“I try to be a good guy. I try to get along and I try to keep the peace. I think everybody here likes me,” Jerry says.

At the end of the day, the dirtiest, hardest-working machinist goes home to his wife, son and a Maltese named Max. In the winter, he watches sports. In the summer, he likes to go camping, though his top priority is tending a large vegetable garden and canning his crops.

“Peppers, tomatoes, onions, peas — and every year I try to experiment with something new but a lot of times it doesn’t work out,” Jerry says. “I tried the lettuce thing. I already found out I’m bad at that.”

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June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month


Injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1-44.  It is important to make a difference throughout the whole year, not just June, to spread the word about reducing the risk of injuries.  Encourage others to report unsafe conditions in communities, workplaces and at home.


As we enter the month of June, GLE-Precision is happy to announce we have 0 workplace injuries for 2017.  We also have 0 near-misses to report for the year.  A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in an injury, but it had the potential to do so.


Please continue to work and live in a smart and safe manner and a special thank you to our team at  GLE-Precision for making safety a priority.

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GLE Purchases Second Keyence Measuring System

GLE Purchases Keyence Measuring Systems

As mentioned in a previous blog post, GLE-Precision purchased two pieces of Keyence inspection equipment in early 2017.  The first measuring equipment was the Keyence IMT-6225.  The second system purchased was the VHX-5000 digital microscope.

GLE is continuously driving higher precision on smaller parts. This is where the VHX system will help push us to the next level of inspecting parts that are small and difficult to measure by hand. The VHX comes with a wide range of different lenses depending upon application.  This microscope allows us to perform side by side image comparisons of surface finishes down to 1 micro or less.  The VHX also can fully focus a part with its real-time depth composition feature.  This feature also creates a 3D image of the part which then can be measured multiple ways and directions without having to make contact with the profile using a stylus.

With the high magnification, we can now inspect visually for porosity, cracks, fractures, and any other surface flaws within the material.  This is a feature that allows GLE to do R&D testing on new processes and materials along with providing images and feedback to our vendors and customers during the corrective action process.

As GLE continues the journey on providing the highest precision on the smallest parts, the IMT-6225 measurement system and VHX-5000 digital microscope from Keyence provide fast, accurate, and non-contact measurement capabilities for our customers.

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GLE Purchases Keyence Measuring Systems


In early 2017, GLE-Precision was looking to gain a faster and more accurate way to inspect parts than its current methods.  Many different manufacturers were resourced to find an instrument that could be quick, accurate, portable, and user friendly.  Two systems were purchased from Keyence.  The first piece of inspection equipment was Keyence’s IMT-6225 instant measurement system.  The second measuring system, the VHX-5000 digital microscope, will be discussed in a second blog post.


The first system GLE acquired is the IMT-6225, a 2D vision measurement system. The IM has a measuring capability of +/-.0002 in wide field mode and 80 millionths in high precision mode. Repeatability to 1um in wide field and .5 um in high precision modes. Wide field mode allows us to measure anything in a 4” x 8” area whereas the high precision mode allows us to measure in a 1” x 4” field. The IM can measure up to 99 dimensions within 3 seconds and with the multi-part function it allows us to measure entire batches in a few minutes versus a few hours.


The data capturing of the IMT system takes inspection records to the next level. Each time a part is measured, those measurements are stored in a data file. This data file can be pulled up at any time to create statistical print outs of each batch of parts being run on that certain day, week, or month. Data captured by the IM system allows us to complete a customer’s 100% inspection requirements in half the time than previous methods, if not less. This allows for more production time vs inspection time to deliver our goods on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.


As GLE continues the journey on providing the highest precision on the smallest parts, the IMT-6225 measurement system and VHX-5000 digital microscope from Keyence provide fast, accurate, and non-contact measurement capabilities for our customers.

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GLE implements manufacturing changes to eliminate reportable instances at a customer facility

Earlier this year, GLE received a report from a customer’s facility in which workers were cutting themselves (fingers/hands) on the sharp ID of a round gage.  The engineers at GLE quickly responded to the incident reports and received approval to change the design of the gage to include a radius on the ID versus the sharp edge.

After halting production and rerouting the jobs to include the extra operation, parts shipped to the customer in a timely manner with the radius.

Upon a follow up with the facility, the customer was happy to report, “the gages are great.  The change on the ID no longer snags on the finger, causing a cut.”

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Surface Finish Requirements

Do you require a high-quality surface finish for your products?

We can create 1 micro, mirror-like finish, for your products.

Each manufacturing process produces a different texture on the surface of the part.  At GLE-Precision we apply our grinding capabilities and experience to achieve your optimal surface finish.

We have met the specifications of our customers for over 55 years. Provide us your product print and we will promptly reply with how we can solve your product needs.

Contact us at +1-989-652-6136 or [email protected] to start a conversation or learn more about our capabilities at

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Short Run/ Large Quantities

Are you working on a R&D project and only require a few pieces? We can help!

Do you have a large production run and require hundreds or thousands of pieces? We can help!

At GLE-Precision, we can meet your needs for a few pieces or thousands of your precision pins, bushings or any other make-to-print parts.

Contact us at +1-989-652-6136 or [email protected] to start a conversation on how we can solve your manufacturing needs or learn more about our capabilities at

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Victory Park Capital Supports Acquisition of GLE with Credit Facility and Equity Co-investment in Precision Machining Industry

AUGUST 13, 2015 Press Release

CHICAGO – August 13, 2015 – Victory Park Capital (VPC), an asset management firm focused on middle market debt and equity investments, announced today its SBIC Fund has provided a senior credit facility to help finance the acquisition of GLE Precision, LLC (GLE). GLE is a precision manufacturer of tungsten carbide tooling, gauges and product components used in diversified industries, including water jet, computer chip, medical, battery, flow technologies, automotive and others. VPC’s investment will support the acquisition of GLE and the company’s growth initiatives as it expands into new end markets. In addition to the credit facility, the fund also co-invested in the equity financing.

“GLE’s reputation for technical competency, extreme micro-precision, quality and reliability is impressive, and represents a significant opportunity for VPC to support the company as it expands its presence in the precision machining industry,” said Jason Brown, partner at VPC. “We look forward to working with Mr. Bucholz and the management team and believe the company is well positioned to execute on its next phase of growth.”

Clint Bucholz, president of GLE, added, “VPC was flexible in structuring their credit facility to allow for the acquisition and to support our growth initiatives, which enables us to expand into new end markets and better serve new and existing customers.”

About Victory Park Capital

Victory Park Capital (VPC) is a privately held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing through the management of its investment vehicles. As specialists in credit and private equity investments, VPC focuses on middle market companies across a diversified range of industries. Whether as a lender or a control investor, VPC seeks to identify opportunities where it believes the potential for reward outweighs the risks entailed. Founded in 2007, VPC is headquartered in Chicago with additional resources in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. For more information visit:

About GLE Precision

Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Bridgeport, MI, GLE is a niche build-to-print manufacturer of highly-engineered tooling, gauges, and product components used in a broad range of applications where hardness and resistance to abrasive wear are of prime importance. GLE is capable of machining and grinding a wide range of ceramic and carbide products with an emphasis on carbide tooling, carbide components, carbide cylindrical gauges and masters, high pressure intensifiers, and other special wear parts. For more information visit:


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