Carbide Gages and Masters

We manufacture carbide gages and masters to A.G.D. standard dimensions in tolerance classes XXX, XX, X, Y, and Z. Standard configurations of our gaging products are Reversible, TaperLock, Tri-Lock, and Inserted Ring; we also manufacture special gages and masters to customers’ prints. Some example of special gages are; true position (concentricity) plugs and rings, gage Elements, flat gages, paddle gages, ammunition gages, twin ring gages, master setting Discs and rings, gage pins and other precision elements for inspection applications.

Carbide Plug Gages

We manufacture plug gages in sizes from .005″ (.127mm) to 2.511″ (63.78mm), with special applications smaller and larger.

Carbide Ring Gages

Carbide Ring Gages

Carbide inserted ring gages are manufactured in sizes from .010″ (.254mm) to 4.011″ (101.88mm), with special applications smaller and larger.

The protective outer jackets of larger ring gages, 2.00″ (50.8mm) in diameter and up, previously of steel, are now composed of a special, rigid nylon material that better complements carbide. The gages are lighter in weight and more stable because the new outer jacket, acting as an insulator, resists the transfer of external heat to the carbide gaging element.

Carbide Trilock Gages

Carbide trilock gages are manufacturered to standard dimensions in tolerances classes XXX, XX, X, Y and Z. Sizes range from .725” (18.415mm) to 2.510” (63.75mm), with special applications for larger sizes.

Carbide Trilock Gages

Carbide Master Setting Rings

Master setting rings are available in diameters from .010″ (.254mm) up to 4.011″ (101.88mm) and larger. These are carbide inserted ring gages, as described above, with tolerances applied bilaterally.