Our Products


Carbide and Ceramic Precision Tooling and Components

We manufacture precision tooling, components and other special wear parts to customer print. We are equipped with machinery, processing techniques and experience to produce miniature parts with OD’s or ID’s as small as .004″ (.102mm). Conventional-size production is to 6.000″ (152.4mm) in diameter, up to 18″ (457mm) between centers. We can produce, economically, in any lot size—as small as 1 and as large as thousands and thousands of parts annually.

Micro-Precision Mini-Carbide Parts

Our experience with small carbide parts is extensive. Some of the parts are described in the previous paragraphs. For additional examples of our work with small parts, ask for the GLE bulletin “If you need parts or components”. We lap holes as standard procedure as small as .003″ (.0762mm) to .005″ (.127mm) to a tolerance of 50 millionths inch (.00127mm) in roundness and size, concentric to an OD to 50 millionths, with finishes to 4 microinches (.0001mm). These accuracies are satisfactory for most applications, but we can handle closer tolerances where required. Precision becomes easier as the holes increase in diameter

Carbide Ring Gages

Carbide Ring Gages

Carbide inserted ring gages are manufactured in sizes from .010″ (.254mm) to 4.011″ (101.88mm), with special applications smaller and larger.
The protective outer jackets of larger ring gages, 2.00″ (50.8mm) in diameter and up, previously of steel, are now composed of a special, rigid nylon material that better complements carbide. The gages are lighter in weight and more stable because the new outer jacket, acting as an insulator, resists the transfer of external heat to the carbide gauging element.

Carbide Plug Gages

We manufacture plug gages in sizes from .005″ (.127mm) to 2.511″ (63.78mm), with special applications smaller and larger.


Carbide Master Setting Rings

Master setting rings are available in diameters from .010″ (.254mm) up to 4.011″ (101.88mm) and larger. These are carbide inserted ring gages, as described above, with tolerances applied bilaterally.

Carbide Trilock Gages

Carbide trilock gages are manufactured to standard dimensions in tolerances classes XXX, XX, X, Y and Z. Sizes range from .725” (18.415mm) to 2.510” (63.75mm), with special applications for larger sizes.

Carbide Trilock Gages

Carbide and Ceramic Bushings

We manufacture standard carbide drill bushings to ANSI (A.S.A.) Standards and also specials to customer print—gun drill, circuit board drill, die bushings, etc.

Special Carbide and Ceramic Gage Assemblies

We manufacture special gauging assemblies to customers’ prints that incorporate indicators and electronic sensors. These are production gages for specialized purposes for which standard instruments are not available—to check diameter, hole depth, ID taper dimension at a specified depth, etc. We manufacture accessories for gages and for locating and fixturing parts precisely for gauging or machining—carbide centers, pins, staking anvils, etc.; carbide micrometer tips, probe points of special shapes—spherical/ball, square, or needles with point diameters as small as .0005″ (.0127mm); and precision carbide flat wear parts. We also manufacture carbide plungers, ceramic plungers, and precision carbide dies. The ability to work to close tolerances, SPC throughout the shop, and a gage laboratory for measurements to millionths are additional capabilities which are valuable in satisfying these special instrument needs.


Quality Control Laboratory

Much of GLE’s work is highly precise. We manufacture gages to XXX tolerances and other precision tooling parts requiring accuracies of 0.000010″ (0.00025mm); some work is performed to 0.000005″ (0.00013mm). To measure parts of this quality with an acceptable level of assurance, the Company maintains a Quality Control Laboratory (Gage Room), temperature and humidity controlled. The lab is equipped with an automated, state-of-the-art inspection system that can measure and evaluate all circular geometry elements necessary for completely qualifying a part. All Laboratory personnel are skilled metrologists and all inspection equipment and master blocks have precision traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), formerly National Bureau of Standards (NBS). A strict certification schedule for all masters is maintained.

Gage Inspection, Certification and Rework

We offer an inspection and calibration service for existing gages. Our recommendations can include calibration (the gage is good and still within tolerance); rework to a new size (the gage is out of tolerance but is in good physical condition); or discard (the gage is no longer useful). A Certificate of Class/Conformance or a Certificate of Calibration is supplied, as specified.