Our Products


Carbide and Ceramic Precision Tooling and Components

We manufacture precision tooling, components and other special wear parts to customer print. We are equipped with machinery, processing techniques and experience to produce miniature parts with OD’s or ID’s as small as .002″ (.0508mm). Conventional-size production is to 6.000″ (152.4mm) in diameter, up to 18″ (457mm) between centers.

We can produce, economically, in any lot size.

Micro-Precision Mini-Carbide Parts

Our experience with small carbide parts is extensive. 

We lap holes as standard procedure as small as .004″ (.1016mm) to a tolerance of .000050″ (.00127mm) in roundness and size, concentric to an OD to .000050″ (.00127mm), with finishes to .4RA  (.01016 micron) or less.

These accuracies are satisfactory for most applications, but we can handle closer tolerances where required. Precision becomes easier as the holes increase in diameter


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We will work with engineers to design for manufacturing the components you need. Please contact us to see how we can help deliver a creative solution to your problem.